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Choosing Materials for internal shutters

What is the best shutter material for my needs?

Like most things in life Without experience and knowledge it can be difficult to reach a decision as to what would be the best fittings to suit your property. There are many window coverings to choose from. Curtains and blinds being the most popular. But have you considered window shutters that offer a completely new range of choices and options.

What are shutters made from?

Shutters are made from a variety of materials , each with its own advantage and dis-advantage for the different rooms in your home. For example for a bathroom or wet room you would be advised to choose a waterproof shutter material.

What are the benefits of shutters?

Not only are shutters a stylish trendy alternative to traditional curtains and blinds they also assist with security, light control and privacy and have sound and thermal properties, making them more efficient than other forms of window coverings.

Hardwood shutters can be stained or painted to suit your individual design requirements. Our Hardwood used is farmed from sustainable sources, so with ever increasing concerns over global warming make them eco-friendly.

Are shutters waterproof?

We have a shutter to suit the most moist rooms in the home, including wet rooms. Our Java range are not only guaranteed to be 100% waterproof but are also very hard wearing. Meaning that if they get wet you simply wipe away the excess moisture as you do a shower screen and they will maintain their beautiful appearance from new.

Which type of shutters are most durable?

Out of all the shutters we sell, we find the most durable are in fact our entry level shutters. This is due to the hardwearing polymer wrap that is applied to the Engineered wood. Making it ideal for those inquisitive children. The Java is also very hard wearing and should be confused with some cheaper vinyl shutters being offered by lesser brands. If you want fully robust then the Porchester high security shutters are burglar proof and are used in South Africa for higher security applications.

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