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How Much Do Wooden Window Shutters Cost in The UK?

What is the Average Cost of Shutters in the UK?

Average cost depends on the following scenarios 

  • Supply only?
  • The quality of shutters
  • Type and design of shutters 
  • Included services such as measuring and fitting

The average cost from a typical blinds shop to supply and fit shutters is around £250 a metre. You do need to bear in mind however that these shops will be offering different materials and products.
You should identify the best quality shutter brands and then obtain the best possible price. Searching for quality is key.
We would recommend brands like S: Craft who are the largest independent British supplier and historically supplied John Lewis with shutters (a sign of quality). You will then receive the backing of not only the trade partner but a national brand and customer service.

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

The cost depends on the type of shutters you choose. Entry level starts around the £250 a metre (national average) including vat fitted. Quality hardwood shutters start around £350 a metre. Beware of companies installing Hardwood at MDF prices, these will be inferior paulownia wood products that will come with issues further down the line.

Things to bear in mind

here are companies out there supplying online shutters from as little as £183 a square meter – supply only. However, BEWARE, as these are made using cheap materials and methods that cut back on cost and in turn, quality. If you add this together with installation by a DIY novice, then you could be wasting your money. There is also the added risk of the product arriving damaged due to inferior packaging. Trying to battle the company for a refund, proving it arrived damaged and not damaged whilst fitting can all become a problem and something to consider when looking at your options. Therefore, if you buy from a reputable and experienced shutter specialist, you will cut out all risk.

Other benefits include:

  • You will have a professional survey carried out
  • You can have free advice on what shutter configuration would best suit your window
    Receive a warranty


How Much Do Bay Window Shutters Cost?

It’s a little like saying “how much is a car”. There are different types of shutters and the cost will depend on many factors as we mentioned above – from the quality of products to service and installation.

The cost of the bay window will depend wholly on its size. The smallest bay windows can cost as little as £399 plus VAT. A large bay can cost anything from £1500 plus. However, there is not much that can beat the look of a shuttered bay with a window seat!

Things to bear in mind

There are many have-a-go DIY enthusiasts taking on surveys/measuring of window openings, BUT, it takes a specialist with years of experience to carry out a correct survey of bay windows. Shapes are a factor in all the possible issues when it comes to installing. Many online companies do not offer bay windows and often the quality of online DIY bay window shutters is also less than a reputable shutter company.

What is the difference between budget shutters and high end shutters?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what shutters to purchase and budget for. One of them is cost. There are more and more budget shutters hitting the market and these budget shutters are cheaper because they are made more cheaply.

This means that they are “cheaper” in the sense that they are lower-quality and they simply cost less to make by using inferior materials and components to other national leading brands. For example, S: Craft shutters are made using only the best materials and production methods. They use mortise and tenon joints which are much stronger compared to other cheaper brands who would use butt jointing.

Other things to consider:

Are the concealed mechanisms quality.
Is the Paint Finnish of high quality?
How is the shutter going to be packaged for delivery?

The better the quality, the longer the shutters will last.

Do the different types of wood used affect the cost of shutters?

There are many different types of materials used to make shutters. Each material is chosen for its individual purposes and to suit every room in your home.

MDF Shutters

The entry level and best selling product are the MDF shutters which come with a durable polymer coating and are used on most small to medium sized windows. 


  • Cost
  • Tough coating 


  • Weight
  • Fewer upgrade options
Fiji Shutter Wood
Fiji Shutter Wood

Hybrid Shutters


Then there are the hybrids which combine MDF and wood. Generally, the combination is  MDF frames and wood panels. This combination helps to keep costs down and still obtain the wood finish and reduces weight. 


There is also a hardy combination with MDF and ABS (the same material used to make lego). This offers cost, weight and durability (you will know how tough this is if you’ve ever stood on a lego brick!). Great for families. 


Then there are lightweight hardwood shutters. These offer many options including the following:

  • Multi panel hanging
  • Different stain Finishes 
  • Variety of shapes available 
  • Many other upgrade options

Can I get finance for window shutters?

Shutters are a major purchase, especially when you buy for many windows in your home. However, they are also a great investment and can add value and kerb appeal if you are looking to sell your home. You may wish to spread the cost of your investment over a period of time. Interest Free finance is available to help fund your purchase. During recent uncertain times, reputable shutter companies often allow you to pay a small deposit whilst you wait for them to be made and then pay the difference after they are fitted. Check out our % finance options on our website.

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