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Are Full Height Shutters Right for my Room? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

It’s completely understandable – you’ve got so many diverse options to choose from, especially with every room being unique in its own way – choosing the right type of plantation shutters can be a tricky affair. 

But if you pull this off just right, perhaps full height plantations shutters may be just what you need – but how do you know if they’re right for your room? 

Not to worry as here is a quick list of pros and cons to consider in order to help you decide:

The benefits of Full Height Window Shutters for bedroom

At a glance, there are many benefits of having window shutters in the UK installed, as they come in a single frame and can easily span over the entire length of your windows. They’re also easy to measure because only the full height of your window comes into play. 

Families who choose this style of window shutters with a modern twist especially do so because there are clear benefits to be had:

  • Generally easier to install than a tier-on-tier design of window shutters for bay window or bedroom
  • Good insulation to keep the cold out and keep the heat in or vice versa when seasons change
  • Full height window coverage means noises from the outside are muffled and reduced
  • With the panels fully closed, complete privacy and maximum light suppression can be achieved
  • Ideally suited to windows of all shapes and sizes, and perfect for window shutters for French doors  

Another major benefit of window shutters UK is that you can always add a mid-rail or split in your desired rod, allowing you to open either the upper or lower slats separately. This gives you the functionality of tier-on-tier shutters, while providing privacy by keeping the lower section shut and letting light in by keeping the upper section open. 

All in all, full height window shutters for your bedroom, bay window or French doors, for example, are a great option for all types of window. They’re particularly a good choice for adding a little ‘drama’ to your living area or keeping unwanted light out. 

Are there any cons to installing Full Height Window Shutters?

Being a very popular style, full height shutters are known for offering a slew of benefits, so it can be hard to fund any potential downsides of this adaptable and flexible design. You’d actually have to nit-pick a lot to find cons, but for the pure window dressing critic, these two cons may be something to consider: 

  • This style of shutters span across the entire window’s height, so if maximising light is a key concern, you must open slats or the panels themselves at the very least
  • The full height cover area means that certain period features like stained glass might get blurred or disguised 

Are Full Height Window Shutters for me then?

Well, taking the above advantages into consideration and the very few disadvantages, they are ideal for every room – and windows of all shapes, sizes and styles can benefit from them.

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