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Why are Plantation Shutters so Popular?

Having a beautiful home is not just limited to a great design or bespoke furniture to match the interior décor – but also shutters and blinds that enhance the overall aesthetics and value of your home. 

As a home owner, you should always strive to add value to your house, both in terms of living standard and monetary value. Plantation shutters have become wildly popular as they add tremendous value to your house, in addition to improving ventilation, light control and protection. 

Here are more reasons so as to why plantation interior shutters and window shutters have become so popular over the years:

Child Safety

While this may not be on top of people’s minds when shopping for shutter blinds, it is often an overlooked benefit of having plantations shutters installed. Families who always put safety above everything else will immediately see the value in buying these kind of window shutters as they are cordless and have no strings attached. 

The slates are slanted at an angle due to a crossbar, which is comparatively safer compared to drapes hanging freely and dragging on the ground – a site for kids to easily get into accidents. Strings from blinds have a tendency to easily get wrapped around just about anything, so plantation shutter blinds are an excellent alternative, safety-wise. 

Great Insulation 

Some families may not be aware of this, but plantation shutters are great insulators, effectively retaining room temperature and keeping the cold and heat out as seasons change. They add an additional layer of insulation when it’s really cold outside and when the weather gets warm, they will keep your room temperature cooler when closed. 

Easy to Keep

Plantation shutters can be custom-made to fit on French doors, sliding glass doors and other kinds of doors. They can be customised to fit into a variety of arches and windows shapes as well as sizes. You could have them in the bathroom next to the bathing tub, the kitchen, bedroom or living areas.  

Additionally, they are easy to maintain – all they need is a good dusting and a wipe or two every now and then. They are also highly durable and will last you years on end without any issue. 

Optimal Light Control

Plantations wooden shutters and window shutters are designed with panels that can tilt open and close, which means you can allow in as much light as you want. This flexibility can work wonderfully during those really bright days or overcast evenings when it’s drizzling outside, so you can enjoy a great view. 

Pleasing to the Eye

Shutter blinds are the perfect way to create a feeling of space and minimalism while making a statement with your window treatments. They’re the exact opposite of drapes which scream “drama”. They never try too hard to impress or exclaim “look at me”, but rather blend in seamlessly with the walls, looking very elegant and clean. 

Privacy & Sound Proofing

Apart from controlling the amount of light and air that flows into the room, you can also conceal the view completely with thick shutter blinds. Not just that, but they also act as a good sound insulator, keeping the outside sounds “outside” and vice versa!

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