why chose bay window shutters

Why choose Bay Window Shutters?

Whether you’re living in a period home or one that has more modern and trendy styling, bay window shutters have become commonplace. 

There’s no denying the fact that interior wood shutters are the best window dressing option for bay windows. They have the ability to work very well aesthetically in both modern and period properties, and follow the natural shape of the bay, while also creating a superb sense of privacy and maximising light in the room in wonderful ways. 

Here are more reasons why people are going with plantation shutters for their bay windows:

Take the natural shape of your bay window

Plantation shutters are ideal for bay windows of all shapes, styles and sizes. They’re often called made-to-measure interior shutters and with good reason, because they are perfect for everything from brand new build box bays to Victorian bay windows. 

Tier-on-tier wooden shutters, for example, are extremely popular choices when it comes to bay windows. These interior wood shutters allow for separate opening and closing of the top and bottom sections – giving you more light control, as well as an added sense of security and privacy. 

Maximise space within the bay 

Well-fitted custom-made plantation house shutters will add to the aesthetic appeal of your bay window, making it look very neat, clean and elegant. Made-to-measure interior shutters or plantation blinds will fit your bay window absolutely perfectly, allowing you to maximise the available space. 

Furthermore, plantation wooden shutters are perfect for dressing large bay windows because individual window shutters are designed for each separate window frame – allowing you to cover a larger glass area with minimum fuss. 

Curtains and rails cut off space

Finding modern window treatments for your bay windows is no easy task. While curtains require special, retro-fitted rails, both of which cut off space unnecessarily, regular blinds can be ‘fiddly’ when you try to run them across multiple window panels. 

Buy plantations shutters and you eliminate all of the above issues, while also enjoying the many benefits which other window dressings don’t offer. 

Look great with a window seat

Plantation blinds have the ability to beautifully and seamlessly adapt to the natural shape as well as curvature of your bay window – in a way that probably no other furnishing can. They embrace each and every feature in the surrounding environment and enhances it further to become a stunning centrepiece in your living space. All the more reason to place your window seat right below your custom-built interior shutters. 

A wide array of benefits

Apart from the fantastic benefits above, black shutters and interior wood shutters offer a very energy efficient covering, helping you reduce yearly energy bills. They offer optimal light and noise control, as well as a high degree of privacy. They also act as an insulator to help retain the heat during cold weather and keep the heat out during those warm and humid summer months. 

Plus, they are an elegant way of maintaining your bay window’s character, highlighting its aesthetics in a minimalist yet unique way. 

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