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Are plantation shutters warmer than curtains?

Whether you’re living in an old house or a recent, more modern home, having energy efficient windows is something you need to consider.

Did you know that heat loss or heat gain through windows is responsible for an additional 25-30% heating costs during the winter, and air-conditioning costs during the summer?

Winter Window Shutters: How they can help to reduce heat loss

As the winter months and dark nights draw near, homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to retain room warmth and cut down heat loss, both of which can contribute towards lowering heating bills.

Warm protection shutters have always been considered a good option in terms of energy efficiency, keeping your rooms warmer than curtains. And there’s sound logic behind people using shutters in winter. When in the closed position, fitted shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by over 50%. Smart homeowners all over the UK are quickly realising how to combat the effects of a room draught in winters and keep their home comfortable through fitted window shutters’ warmth.

Fitted shutters are a good way to prevent heat from escaping through your windows, as otherwise, the unnoticed gaps where the window frame meets with the wall can result in lost heat. This inevitably leads to unnecessarily higher than normal energy bills. 

Another major benefit of window shutters UK is that you can always add a mid-rail or split in your desired rod, allowing you to open either the upper or lower slats separately. This gives you the functionality of tier-on-tier shutters, while providing privacy by keeping the lower section shut and letting light in by keeping the upper section open. 

In fact, if you reside in an older home and particularly a period home, then it’s even more important to install window shutters for warmth – because these kinds of properties often have single-glazed windows where all the heat can escape really easily.

Wooden Shutters: Stay Warm in Winter

The structure of interior fitted shutters prevents heat from escaping through your windows. Not only that, but shutters also act as an effective barrier for preventing cold air from seeping into the room and creating an annoying and uncomfortable cold room draught.

Shutters are warmer than curtains because they are made from a relatively thicker and more robust material – helping you not only to retain the heat in your room a lot better but ensuring that you don’t pay more for your heating bill than you should.

Wooden shutters keep you warm as they are thermally dynamic; meaning that they are very effective at reflecting the cold air outside before it even reaches your room’s interior. Choosing thermally dynamic shutters in winters can help you cut down heat loss by almost 50%.

If you’ve ever wondered how efficient plantation shutters are at saving energy, then consider the following:

According to research done by Historic Scotland, heavy curtains reduced heat loss by a mere 14%, whereas winter window shutters helped reduce heat loss by as much as 51%.

A report from the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust concluded that wooden window shutters preserve warmth a lot better in traditional and period properties, which means they can contribute towards reduced local and national carbon emission too.

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