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Prepare for autumn with new blinds and shutters

As we switch on our central heating and watch the leaves fall our thoughts turn to creating a cosy safe space within our homes. Yes, you can purchase extra rugs, throws and fluffy cushions but it’s amazing how many people neglect their windows, the one place in your home that will ultimately allow heat to escape. Did you know that about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows?

Do shutters reduce heat loss much better than curtains and blinds?

In a nutshell yes! Window shutters are so much better at trapping heat than blinds and most other window treatments. Window shutters create an insulative barrier between the glass and the interior combatting the cold weather chills.

Shutters are Energy Saving!

Shutters are the eco friendly window option as they help to keep heat within the house they provide energy savings therefore reducing your carbon emissions. Window shutters are not only functional and attractive but also very energy-efficient. Adding shutters as the temperature drops provides you with a warm cosy house as well as saving you money on your electricity bill.

Cosy and Stylish Autumn Homes

autumn shutters

If you want to embrace the hygge ethos shutters are a great place to start. Emitting soft natural light window shutters only add to the cosy feeling within your home. So in addition to soft candle glows and fairly lights, warm blankets and rugs have a browse through our natural wood shutter range.

Don’t forget, if you have a real fire it’s now time to get your chimney cleaned. Maybe get your boiler serviced in preparation for the chill of winter. Think about soft room lighting, with a few well placed lamps your home will have the cosy glow of Autumn that’s truly instagrammable.

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