Keeping you safe

Your Covid-19 Questions Answered

What safety measures will be taken when somebody visits my home?

We can attend your home whilst adhering to government guidance and working with these 5 steps:

1. Thinking about risk
2. Social distancing at work
3. Interacting with householders
4. Cleaning the work area
5. Personal protective equipment

Initially, we will contact the customer that we are visiting (or their family member/carer if appropriate) to seek information about the environment, available space and their health status to help you manage the risk. This will usually be by a telephone call, but other digital communications may be appropriate according to local protocols and the situation.

We will ask customers:

Do they or anyone in the household have confirmed Covid-19?

Do they or anyone in the household have any Covid-19 symptoms? (a dry persistent cough; raised temperature; sore throat; loss of smell and taste or other symptoms)

Are they or anyone in the household in a higher risk group/shielding (e.g. have cancer or an immune-suppressing condition)?

Are they or anyone else in the household in self-isolation due to exposure to COVID-19?

When we leave the property our staff will:

Sanitise any equipment that you have brought out of the home in line with public health guidance, for example by using disinfectant wipes including phones, laptops etc.

Dispose of any protective equipment in line with public health guidance.

Wash your hands in line with public health guidance before touching other items, for example using hand sanitiser. Wash your hands before going into another building for 20 seconds with soap in line with public health guidance or sanitise them.

At the end of the day, remove and wash clothes that may have been exposed to the virus.

Should I be home when a team member visits to take measurements for blinds or shutters?

Yes, as long as your not shielding, vulnerable or showing symptoms of the virus. We can attend using social distancing and stay alert, stay safe and help save lives. We will explain about social distancing and why it will be needed during the visit. We will seek your agreement to maintain distance and explain the benefits for them.

We will explore whether technology could be used instead of our visit to achieve its aims and reduce risk to the customer and our staff.

We will seek the customers (or relevant carer’s/family member’s) view on how to minimise risk.

We will provide an opportunity for the person to challenge the our decision if needed and possible. At this point, we will weigh up again the benefits and risk of doing/not doing a visit.

If the visit needs to go ahead then we will try to Identify and minimise who will be present in the room/household.

We will plan entry and use of space in the home – or remain at the doorstep – to maintain social distancing throughout, identify and secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if indicated: i.e. hand sanitiser, gloves, masks, protective clothing.

During the visit, we wish to minimise the surfaces that we touch and ask you to remove your personal items from any surfaces where we may have to move them. We will try not to touch our faces, ask for the room to be ventilated (e.g. through an open window and door), keep two metres or more away from other people and follow any other public health guidance about minimising infection.

What extra safety training have blind and shutter staff undertaken?

All our staff have been provided with adequate PPE to enable them to carry out the survey and installation safely and, will be extra cautious when entering and working in your home. This may add extra time on to your appointment. We have available to us Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like hand sanitiser, gloves, masks, protective clothing.

We will identify any protective equipment that is required to protect health, for example use of soap, hand gel, gloves, face mask and make sure our staff have access to this.

Our staff have been trained on how to use PPE to make it effective and avoid unintended risks.

We will ensure that we have a way of disposing of any protective equipment after the visit in line with public health guidance.

We will always ensure we have a way of washing your hands prior to and immediately after the visit, for example using hand sanitiser that is easy to access.

Do I need to undertake any measures to keep myself and my family safe?

Yes, you could help by reducing the number of your household who are at home for the appointment. Maybe, if weather permits they could wait in the garden. You can remove anything from window cills to be measured to reduce contact. Wipe down surfaces like cills with an anti-bacterial spray or wipe before and after our arrival. Leave doors open so we don’t have to contact with handles. If weather permits leave windows open.

Would you like to know more?

We’re here to answer any question you may have. Please get in touch if you have any specific requirement.