Your shutter questions answered

Yes initially, shutters can be more expensive than blinds . But it’s like anything , you get what you pay for. Think of your shutter purchase as an investment. White Shutters can last you a lifetime , where as fabric blinds and curtains go in and out of trend and their mechanisms could wear with time and you have to replace .Not only this but they add kerb appeal and will add value to your home and more interest when selling. You may be surprised at our prices too as we are the most competitive locally.

As the saying says “all good things come to those who wait”, “ patience is a virtue” etc etc..

Our shutters are the best quality on the market and we have the best lead time from an overseas production facility . Our lead times vary from 4-6 weeks airfreight time 8-10weeks sea freight. This varies at different times of year depending on local holidays etc… you may see other companies offering 2 weeks delivery on shutters but believe us we have tried these products and the quality is not good.

Yes all of our shutters are fitted with 180 degree hinges to allow them to be opened completely for cleaning or maintenance .We could also install on just magnets so you could remove panels completely if required for maintenance ?

Use a dry microfibre cloth or ostrich feather duster and run along the slats to remove dust. It is a lot easier to clean shutters which have silent tilt rather than rods and you don’t have to get in between. Simply tilt your slats to the open position and wipe each slat from the centre to the outer edge. Or, if time is limited, adjust your slats to the closed position and wipe the slat. Use a damp cloth on any other marks or stains.
For sticky and stubborn stains that you can’t remove with a dry cloth, rub lightly with a damp cloth (Not too wet )wipe away any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

tier on tier is a traditional style of shutters which allows the full height shutters to be split top and bottom opening sections. These are great for privacy and do look nice fitted as an outside mount. However , unless you are going to fully open the top section religiously on a daily basis it can unnecessarily block light. This is because the top rail of bottom panel and bottom rail of top panel meet at bottom and could mean you have a thick band of wood running through the middle of your window of up to 300mm! To get over this and maintain maximum light we would always recommend our hidden split style .

Hidden split panels are available with our silent tilts (concealed rods) and unique to our quality s craft brand. They are full height panels but the louvres have a concealed ratchet mechanism that has been engineered into our stiles. We can then split these mechanisms in the stiles at your desired heights to to allow the top and bottom sections to be controlled separately without the need for tier on tier or a midrail ( as seen with cheaper online producers)
We can also do this with tilt rods and split rods without mid rails.

Mid rails are normally used when we have sash windows and customers want to maintain the traditional look. The are a 79mm rail that lines up with your sash rails and allow too and bottom to be opened separately . They are also required to add additional strength on tall shutter panels , Shapes and tracks.

Tilt rods were the traditional way of opening and closing the louvres on your shutter panels. They are rods that are stapled to each Louvre and allow the opening and closing of them. They can be placed centre or be offset on your shutter panels. If you have mid-rails they will have mouse holes for the rods to sit in when closed . We personally prefer silent rods as a new modern look and makes the shutters quieter and easier to clean.

Our quality S:Craft shutters carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 3-years against structural defects, hardware and colourfastness.

However , you have our local customer service for life . So you get the security of knowing we are local and will always be on hand to assist with any repairs or questions you may have regarding the maintenance of your shutters.

You have a choice of 5 Louvre (slat) sizes to choose from .we do not charge more as the size changes. 47mm, 63mm , 76mm, 89mm and 114mm. The most popular sizes are the 63mm , 76mm, 89mm with the 76mm being chosen around 90% of the time. The bigger the Louvre the more light you get , the smaller the Louvre the more privacy you get.Therefore,our 76mm Louvre is favourite as its best privacy and best light.

Our wood shutters receive 6 layers of high quality paint or wood stain , including a final UV layer to protect from fading. Our Engineered wood range is our entry-level premium product made from MDF, covered with an extruded polypropylene coating which again doesn’t fade and is Available in most of our popular styles, Antigua has a high-quality finish, making it a versatile and durable choice for your home.
With over 15 years’ experience as a shutter specialist in UK our brand is one you can trust.