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The painted Fiji range is manufactured from premium hardwoods. The Fiji stain range is manufactured from Paulownia. These woods are beautiful and stable timbers manufactured using the same high quality standards as all of S:CRAFT’s substrates.

Colour palette:

There are a total of 50 contemporary colours available including a custom colour option.

Material Features and Benefits of the stained range of Fiji shutters manufactured in Paulownia:


Paulownia is extremely lightweight and ideal for large window expanses or windows situated within roof spaces. It has one of the highest strength to weight ratios.


Paulownia has a beautiful light to honey blonde colour and is very receptive to stains where the natural grain shows through. Paulownia is dimensionally stable and a consistently knot free hardwood.
Due to its low thermal conductivity Paulownia is excellent at keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in winter.

The Paulownia tree is one of the world’s fastest growing tree species and sawn timber can be harvested in 10 years and after harvesting a new tree can grow from the original stump using
the old and well established root system. This procedure can be repeated several times, saving post harvest clearing and land erosion. It also
has massive leaves which remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the air replenishing this with oxygen and the leaves that drop each winter release nitrogen and increase soil fertility.


Please note the stiles are manufactured in a flat or beaded stile. The engineered stiles are reinforced by using multiple layers of wood bonded together ensuring that the panel does not twist or warp.

Special Shapes:

Linear and curved special shapes are available.

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