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Track shutters (sometimes called tracked shutters) are an intelligent and stylish way to create your chosen home aesthetic. They come in two styles, depending on your needs.

The first option is a superb by-pass system that allows each panel to effortlessly glide past the other on smooth-running tracks – perfect for wardrobes or room dividers. The second option is a smart bi-fold system that easily folds out of the way against an adjoining wall.

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Track/Tracked Shutters?

Track shutters are shutters that are hung from the top of the space (i.e a window or wardrobe) and are guided with an aluminium bottom track. They are the perfect solution if you want shutters for large windows or openings. The general idea is that if your shutters are going to span a distance greater than they are tall – mounting options will need to be discussed.

There are solutions such as subframes within the mainframe using a T post. The downside of this is that the window space will always have some panel coverage. The alternative? Is to use a track system where the panels are hung from a rail and slide to clear the window opening whilst all the weight is taken by the track.

Are tracked

Shutters Right For My Space?

Track shutters are the ultimate choice if you want to get full use out or larger windows or glass doors, track shutters provide ultimate light control whatever the time of day or night. When the louvres are tilted at an angle, they can also add privacy to patio doors in the home, or glass dividing screens in an office environment.

Beyond being absolutely perfect for windows and doors, track shutters also work well as room dividers for spacious and open plan homes.

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