The oddest places you will see shutters fitted

Although usually designed for fitting ordinary square or rectangular windows and doors,  unique shutters can also be tailor made to fit into completely random, hard to fit, quirky places. Below we have listed some of the oddest places you will see shutter blinds fitted, and we are sure you will be inspired to create your own shutter ideas in your own home.

Circle Shutters, for modern conversions

Although not extremely common and rarely seen in everyday life, Circle Shutters are just one example of unique shutters, and can provide the perfect balance of privacy and natural light in locations such as the bathroom. For those who like the appearance of aesthetic rooms, this circle plantation shutter could be perfect for you, despite not being commonly used. Circle shutters can also be an ideal alternative to conventional ones for those who have certain rooms that aren’t traditionally laid out, such as a new attic conversion or a basement that needs its own unique window covering.

Triangle Shutters, for conservatories or attics

Another example of custom shutter blind ideas that people have decided to use, whether this be in their bedroom, bathroom and even their work office, is Triangle Shutters. Perfect for untraditional shaped windows such as those in attics or even conservatories, triangle shutters are the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, and make even the most basic room appear stylish. Although the most common type of shutter blinds are the classic square and rectangular ones, triangle blinds are a rare and stylish alternative for those looking for privacy with unconventional shaped windows.

Alternative Shutter Ideas, such as full, wall length windows

If you would rather step outside of the box, and look beyond circle and triangle shutters for decorating and protecting your home or office, there are many alternative shutter ideas on the market.  Whether you prefer full length, floor to ceiling shutters for your windows, or small and decorative ones for your bathroom or bedroom, you needn’t look far. Every option available ensures the ultimate style and comfort for you and your loved ones, as well as an increased level of privacy and security. Whether you require natural light in a room, or closed louvers when you have guests over, you can be assured that all of your needs will be looked after and provided for, regardless of the shutter type you prefer.

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