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How much do shutters cost?

How much do shutters cost?

Shutters are often considered more costly than other types of blinds or curtains, However, you need to consider the investment you are making in lifespan and quality of shutters over other types.Yes, there are cheaper ways to cover your windows but over time curtain and blind fabrics fadee and mechanisms may require maintenance or replacement.

Why are shutters more expensive than curtains and blinds?

Shutters are a permanent fixing within the home, so will also help increase the property value should you ever consider selling. They will also add “kerb appeal” and put your property above the rest in terms of attractiveness to prospective purchasers and your neighbours!

Are some shutters more expensive than others?

The choice of shutter materials obviously have different prices, so our surveyors experience and advice is important on our survey. As our most popular and entry level shutter range is engineered wood. Then the price goes up from hybrids to top quality hardwoods. Shutters are both beautiful and practical and we will assist with guiding you down the right path with our vast experience.

How can I pay for shutters? Do you offer finance?

We are FCA registered and have teamed up with Klarna to offer interest-free financing. The first payment covers 25% of the purchase and is charged to your credit or debit card when your order is processed, while the remaining payments are charged automatically every month by direct debit.

This service could be right for you if:

  1. You want to order your shutters now but don’t want to pay the 50% standard deposit. Finance reduces deposit to just 25%.
  2. Gives you time to save enough to pay the balance by the due date.
  3. Gives you some insurance that the shutters are ordered but you don’t have to start paying installments until they are due to be fitted.
  4. It’s FREE and why not keep the money in your bank until needed?


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