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What’s the difference between the many types of shutter materials?

What is going to look the best?

Our expert shutter surveyors will meet at your property and provide you with their years of experience and knowledge of shutters. This will provide you with the best outcome for your shutters configuration and design whilst offering you the individual practical uses.

How many panels do I need, what is the best configuration to suit my needs?

We will advise on the best configuration to suit your style of window. To decide on the quantity of panels, we will consider many factors. Will it suit the lines of your windows, the type of material you have chosen may be too heavy and we may need to upgrade to a much lighter material to multi build fold. We will basically provide you with the best advice to suit and obtain the best privacy, light, use and appearance.

The choice is yours as we will provide experienced, honest professional advice .

Should I consider DIY shutters?

You may already have googled your options and seen that there are now many DIY solutions being offered on the internet. While it may seem cheaper to find a DIY solution online , will they be the correct size when they deliver them, are there damages and production quality issues that you now have to prove wasn’t your doing? More importantly, will they offer local customer service? We doubt it as you lost the advantage of using a trusted local retailer with a longstanding shutter brand. If cost is the only consideration, then shutters probably are not the answer for you, but if you are truly looking for a solution that enhances your home then read on to see which we advise are most suitable shutters for you.

How can I be sure my shutters are good quality?

All our shutters are trademarked with quality of finish. Whether you are looking for better privacy control in your living room, or style for your bathroom, then there is a shutter solution available.
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